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dumplings darling - love without borders


This is a work designed to spread pure joy. 


If I am honest, I am frightened for the world at the moment. There is so much anger and friction, such an overwhelming sense of the ‘other’ and very little attempt to understand those who we don’t agree with. The world feels combative - black and white in its opinions and often driven by selfishness and greed. I don’t know why it is that we lack so much compassion right now, but it feels like more than ever, we need radical kindness to survive. 


So this is my protest piece designed to combat the fear and division wreaking havoc across the world. In this strange and divided world, there are a few things that bring us together, no matter where we come from or who we are. 


That is food, cooking, and dumplings. 


I have been thinking about dumplings for some time now, and as I pass my mind over various kitchens or cultures of the world, it fills me with joy to realise that there is some form of ‘dumpling’ in basically every cuisine. By dumpling, I mean a small, folded or rolled pouch of deliciousness. 


From the wanton to the pierogi, the raviolo to the samosa, the mantu to the empanada. Dumplings are unpretentious, universally loved, and represent such care and generosity. 

So, let us share dumplings. Let us share stories. Let us share love. 


This project is a slow process of gathering and sharing. 

This first stage is a conversation between you and I via post. I have a story for you, and a recipe, and I hope you will share one with me also. 


Don’t be put off by the pressure of sending me a grand story or recipe. The simplest ones are usually the best. A story can be one line, a recipe can be vague. Dot points, a picture, a newspaper clipping. 


Take me on a journey to your kitchen, to your hearth, into your heart. Share dumplings with me, darling, and I know we will be ok.


The invitation to participate in the first mail-art component of Dumplings Darling: Love Without Boarders has now closed.

Please stay tuned for upcoming developments. 

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