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dumplings darling - love without borders


Almost every culture in the world has some version of a dumpling - wanton, mantu, pierogi, samosa, tortellini, empanada…


Dumplings Darling: Love Without Borders is a heartwarming performance of storytelling, love, and handmade dumplings - celebrating what brings us together and sets us apart.

Part theatre, part live music, and reminiscent of childhood story-time at the library, this intimate and unique protest piece combats the fear and division wreaking havoc across the world.

Alisa and Ania will transport you on a magical journey of laughter, heartache, and hope - and yes, there will dumplings.

"Thank you so much for your show - it moved me to tears. "


"I laughed, I cried, the show is gorgeous, generous, and moving." 

Dumplings Darling: Love Without Borders is a 2-person performance that runs for approximately 50mins. We are currently scheduling tour locations for the show, so if you are interested in hosting us, please get in touch. 

We come with our own set up, ready to perform in any space - from underground basements to grand stages! Our show is designed to be accessible, non-pretentious live performance that welcomes audience members from all walks of life. It caters to intimate audiences with a maximum of 30 guests at a time. For more information, please contact Alisa through the contact page. 

Dumplings Darling: Love Without Borders Video Snapshot

"I felt so loved and cared for - it was like being read a bedtime story."

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