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Dear Jim,

Today we all got in cars, drove past a land mine field, down a dirt road for over an hour, and watched mountains disappear and reappear in front of our eyes, until we reached salt flats that looked like the frozen tundra.

It was not cold.

Quite the opposite, the sun beat down on the whitest surface I had ever seen.

A massive expanse of salt crystal, interrupted with luminescent pools of the clearest water.

We could swim in two of the lagoons, and the salt content is so high (higher than the Dead Sea) that you float right on the surface of the water. In fact it is so buoyant, that to submerge even slightly, you really need to use a lot of muscle.

There is something about being in the water.


I know no everyone feels it the way I do, but I have really missed being able to swim in the desert, particularly given how hot it has been.

So being able to swim in the lagoon was magical.

The salt water felt like a baptism pool.

One of the things I am most looking forward to when I get back home is swimming again.

It’s in our original make up isn't it?

We emerged from the water to become the upright Homo-sapiens we are today.

Water is energy.

Water is life.

It makes sense to return to it.

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