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the conversations

I want to hear women's voices...


In 2016/17, I created ‘The Bird Girls Project’ - a visual response to the horror of female deaths by acts of violence in Australia. The Bird Girls Project was birthed from a desire to provoke awareness around gender-based violence and create a visible display that showed the total of female lives lost over the course of one year. There are 74 hand drawn portraits of faceless women, with one portrait representing each life lost. 

After completing this body of work I was exhausted - both physically and emotionally - but while I'd finished my task of recording the deaths of women over a year, it didn't feel like I was done. The #metoo movement took off during this time, and since then the world has seen many changes.

We have heard women speak out, but we've also witnessed a lot of silencing.

It feel like as we make progress, we become more and more divided. 

As women find their voice, oppressors become even louder. 

We are striving to create safer workplaces, but women continue to die at an alarming rate at the hands of men who are supposed to care for them. 

The thing that gets me most about the deaths of our women, is that the women who died, who were murdered, they don't get a voice in this whole thing. What stories didn't she get to tell? I don't want to hear from the man who killed her. I don't want to hear from his friends and family telling me what a top bloke he was. I want to hear HER story. Only she doesn't get to tell it, and that seems monumentally unfair. 

So this is where it comes from. The Conversations. 

I want to hear women's voices. 

Cis, trans, intersex, anyone who identifies as woman.



the invitation

Come and sit with me. 

Have tea, have wine. Share scones, cheese, chocolate. 

Tell me your stories. 

Everything is relevant.

I want to hear about what makes you laugh, what pisses you off, what you want to change, what makes you feel brave, what frightens you, what makes you feel feminine. I want you to tell me about your family, your children, your independence, your confusion, your relationships, your hit-list. 

I want you to tell me what is unfair and what is magical. What is beautiful, what is maddening, what is sexy, what is embarrassing, what is thrilling. I want to hear about your dreams. I want to hear about your achievements. I want to hear what is real and true for you. 

I want to hear your voice. Your stories. 

I want them to be shouted from the rooftops. I want them to be whispered in the silence.

I want them to be carved into rock. I want them to sing out as loud as they can. 

Come and sit with me. 

the logistics

1. First step, get in touch! Shoot me an email, dm me on insta or facebook, or register using the booking form (link at the bottom of this page).                    I'm waiting for your message!

2. Once you've been in touch, I will be in contact with you to confirm a time and location. Don't worry, we have a whole year to catch up!

3. Come and join me in conversation. Tell me your stories. We will share tea, wine, stories. It's as easy as that!

things to note...

  • I don't have any stories. NOT TRUE. Everyone has stories, and there is no expectation for you to share anything specific. You only tell me things you want to tell me. You can come in with a story that you want to share, or you can come in not knowing what to say, and I can ask you a couple of questions. I bet you're also thinking 'She couldn't possibly want to hear from me...' YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO I WANT TO HEAR FROM. Everything is interesting, informative, and relevant. Even if you think you have nothing to offer, come along and chat with me. What's the worst that can happen? We share a delicious beverage and snacks? Sounds delightful!

  • Just me? Or can I bring friends? Come along by yourself, or bring a buddy! Want to bring your whole crew to share group stories? Go for it! Want to come alone and have an intimate conversation, that's great too! You will be asked for details of how many people you are attending the conversation with when you book in a time

  • Full Disclosure: The Conversations is about collecting stories told from women's voices. Beyond that,  I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS WORK IS YET. I don't know what form it will take eventually.  I am a slooooow maker. I will work it out as time goes. I will be recording our conversations, but only as note-taking for myself. These recordings will not be used or played for anything beyond my own listening and note-taking. If at any point I want to use your voice-recording or story in an identifiable way, I will ask your permission first, and you are very welcome to say no. 

  • Important: This is not a counselling session. While some stories and conversations may be quite personal, and I want you to be honest, please be aware of what you are sharing with me and how this may effect you. I don't have the answers to all of life's complex problems and challenges. I am not here to give advice. I am here to listen and share stories with you. 

  • Is there a timeline here?  Yes. From March 8 2020 to March 8 2021, I will be talking to you, having conversations, gathering stories. A full year of listening to women.  

upcoming conversations

March 2020

Melbourne, you are my hometown. I'm starting with you and my favourite spots.

There are limited sessions, but don't worry if you miss out on these dates, there will be plenty more opportunities over the next 12 months.   

Click here to register and view session times.


Surfer's Paradise I am in you! From March 29 - April 1. Tell me your favourite cafe/beach spot/hidden gem. Send me an email using the contact form and let's chat. I'm not in the Gold Coast very often, please, please get in touch. I want to hear your stories. 


April 2020

Sydney I am in you! From April 1-4. Tell me your favourite cafe/park/bar. Send me an email using the contact form and let's chat. I want to hear your stories.  

Melbourne, I will be doing a series of conversation sessions in the CBD in April, as well as heading to the state's south and down the peninsula. Check back here for to register online soon. If you're a real keen bean, send me an email using the contact form to let me know what days and times suit you, as well your favourite cafe/car/cosy-places to hang. I want to hear your stories. 

May 2020

Ballarat and Geelong, I am coming for you!

Hold your horses, I will have exact times and locations closer to the date. You can check back here later, or register your interest via the contact form and I will let you know when the online registration is open.